My Services

My services include prenatal visits on the following schedule:  once per month until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until the 9th month or 36 weeks, then once per week until the birth.  Each visit includes a check of maternal weight, blood pressure, pulse, uterine growth, and fetal heart tones; and palpation and estimation of the baby’s position.  General maternal care includes dietary evaluation and nutritional counseling and prenatal blood work. Other lab tests and evaluations may be required as indicated.

All prenatals are done at my office with the exception of a home-visit which will be done at your home during the last month of pregnancy.  Children, fathers, and anyone planning to be at the birth are welcome to prenatal visits.

I will come to your home when you are in labor and support you through the birth and the first hours after birth. Newborn care, breastfeeding support and maternal post birth care is provided. Many of the mothers I help choose to use water to support them through labor and for the birth.

Postpartum care for mom and baby includes three to four check-ups within the first two weeks, and an optional six week follow-up. Referrals for pediatric care newborn exam2providers in your area and newborn screenings are included in postpartum care.  I also provide newborn hearing screens as part of my follow-up care.

My fee includes prenatal care, birth care, postpartum visits, assistant services, labor and birth tub, and 24 hour consultations. When we talk I can give you more information about fees.  tracy M